Phonebooth Cafe – North Campus,Delhi

Spotted this recently opened restaurant and went to try it out and really liked it! This place can accommodate just about 25 people at one go but is warm.  Shakes need a special mention as they were nearly perfect! The variety is good and Banana split shake needs to be tried! Kudos to the owner cause they were his brain child. For the money that they charge (quite pocket friendly), the food is good and will surely do well in the student area of Delhi University.


Though tiny, the place is done up well and  gives a feel of dining in a street. Lamp posts, phonebooth, large graffiti  are some of the high lights rendering a typical European street look and feel to it.


Banana split shake: One of the best that I have had! Chocolate , strawberry, butterscotch, banana, chocolate chips and whipped cream…..all blended together…heavenly!! All the flavours were well balanced.


Red Velvet Shake: It was just like drinking a red velvet slice. Medium sugar and course in texture (cause they actually blended a slice), it was great.



Blueberry pie shake: Again great! Blended blueberry cheese cake with subtle flavour of blueberry.

Chocolate mocha frappe: If you are a coffee lover, you will find it a little mild and if you aren’t, the coffee isn’t too strong and you will enjoy it.



Nacho salsa chaat: Inhouse baked nachos were crisp and light! Served with oodles of sour cream and salsa, tasted great overall!


Zaafrano: Saffron flavoured Yellow pasta. Yes , you read that right! The pasta was very creamy and I was impressed with the fusion of a creamy pasta with saffron. Ended up having half the portion and recommend this to all


Crispy honey chicken: This had a bit of extra honey in it but I liked it since personally, I am fond of sweet things

Malai Soya and Malai Tikka: Both were veg and non veg counter parts of the same curry. Creamy thick curry with a strong taste of coriander and green chillies. These were very creamy and I liked them

Rosemary Grilled chicken: Fried chicken topped with rosemary sauce and served with accompaniments like mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and salad. I like the rosemary sauce a lot but the chicken was just a little dry and mashed potatoes could have garlic in it. With these slight changes, I think this dish would be perfect.


Dragon’s kiss pizza: This has a crisp crust and the topping was lavish. having chilli chicken as a topping was different


Texan roadhouse pizza:  Again good with a crisp crust and BBQ sauce in a pizza was good. luckily the quantity of BBQ sauce was controlled else the pizza wouldn’t have become too tangy. good one.


Blueberry cheese cake: Oh so yum! the base and cheese was so fresh that it was still wobbly! I don’t like hard cheese cakes so I really liked this one. Mildly sweet making it light.


Brownie sundae: This is always a safe dessert but the brownie could be a more gooey


OVERALL, I would love to be back! I am craving their shakes even as I type this review 🙂 extremely pocket friendly and warm place . Give it a shot 🙂


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