Farzi Cafe-CP,Delhi

After a successful run for many years in Gurgaon, Farzi finally opened another branch in the heart of Delhi, Connaught place. They couldn’t have found a better location since CP has again become a happening hub with new restaurants coming up every month.

Farzi cafe, being true to its name, has played with the elements of food is a brilliant way! Eating a dish thinking of something and right at the end you taste another varied element. There are concoctions that you wouldn’t have even heard of and of course yes, the molecular gastronomy can’t be missed.


The service is fine with well clad and well versed staff with excellent knowledge of every dish. Impressive! The place is hug with a bar in between, lithium bulbs all over, a stage for jam sessions and performances.


Chai Pani: Not an ordinary chai but a cocktail served in a kettle with  tea, lemon and vodka in it. It wasn’t strong but really refreshing with some ice cubes.


Apple Foamintini: Next level of presentation! Green apple martini (gin based) with foam on top and dry ice fumes from the bottom. I wonder how they think of such stuff!


Monkey Sour: A simple regular cocktail whiskey sour made with premium ‘Monkey shoulder’ whiskey hence named the Monkey Sour.A hint of cinnamon was a nice twist.


Chuski Margarita: Remember the childhood chuskis (iced lollies)? Farzi has dipped those into Tequila based margaritas and made them even better. Quite nice!


Kala Jamun and Aam Papad: These were nice and refreshing cocktails with typical indian flavours of kala jamun and Aam papad, respectively. I personally found the kala jamun a wee better as in the later, mango flavour mixed with vodka was a little too bitter for my liking.


Dal chawal Arancini: A wonderful mix of Italian arancini with Indian flavours of dal and rice.The arancini was stuffed with dal and rice and served with some tomato sauce, corinader chutney and a tad bit of cheese. Oh so lovely! Loved the crunchy shell.


Delhi Belly: Basically pork belly which was cooked superbly well making it easy to digest. Coating of barbeque sauce added a lovely sweetness to this dish!


Bhatti ka murgh: Chicken tikkas that were marinated well and had a tandoori flavour. I liked them but didn’t find this dish extraordinary. Somewhat like the usual.


Mac and Cheese Pakoda: This was heavenly! Typical mac and cheese in a crisp pakoda (croquette). A little bland individually but tasted amazing with the sweet chilli accompaniment.


Tempura Fried Prawns: Served with some air, these prawns were heavenly! The tempura flour wasn’t overpowering and that’s what I liked about it. The helping could be a but more though 🙂 Found it small.

Mutton Kuzhambhu: A mix of Japanese and south indian flavours on one plate with shredded mutton cooked in South Indian spices like curry leaves, rai etc and served in an appam (shaped like an inverted bowl). I am not used to south indian flavours so found it average.


Parle-G cheesecake: I still can’t get over this dessert! A lovely Indianised  New York cheesecake (with a rabri like consistency) inside two parle-G biscuits and in pool of condensed milk and pistachios. Just wow!! A must try!


Chocolate Dirt Pile: First look at it would make you feel that it’s mud from the backyard served on your table but no, once the server pours warm chocolate sauce on it, it changes into a good looking crumbly chocolate brownie! Lovely presentation but the taste wasn’t too chocolaty. I guess the coco and sugar content needs to be enhanced.




Ok so overall, I love Farzi! Lovely presentation!! If not for anything else, one must go to experience the presentation and innovation that they have got in their food. Yes, the taste is great as well 🙂 surely going back

Taste Cleansers after every course:


How my bill was presented:



More about Farzi? Find out here:

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