The Addams House-Sec 29,Gurgaon

A lovely place I visited just around its launch time and loved the concept of having a place themed ‘The Addams Family’. If you were a 90’s Kid, you would surely know what that was. It was a widely followed spooky Cartoon.

The Ambience of The Addams House has hint of that cartoon in every corner of the place and luckily, they haven’t over done it else it would have looked spooky.

Large wall art, Frames and paintings of character from the cartoon and large windows are some key characteristics of the place.



Tasted quite a few cocktails and mocktails and found them pretty good! (even better than the food)

Colonial Hangover(mocktail): Strawberry mocktail with crushed ice, chillies and a strong capsicum flavour. Loved it! Spiciness cut the over sweetness of strawberries.

Newton’s Tonic (mocktail): Apple juice with cinnamon and Lemon was a good change from the usual. feared that the cinnamon would be too strong but luckily it wasn’t and I liked the drink.

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Under the church lights(Cocktail): A very well presented grapes drink with Ajwain ,ginger and Oranges juice. I could hardly taste the ajwain, ginger and orange juice and only grapes were dominant. It was mediocre.


Murder in the Vineyard: Regular Red Wine Sangria which had well soaked apples but I didn’t like the wine used as such. I think it wasn’t any big brand.

Morticia Has a thing for Moscow: Guava,spice, basil and lime….over all, the colours were attractive and guava and spice tasted good together

Bloody Mary Shrimp Shooter: Grilled shrimps with Bloody mary sauce in a shot glass. Bloody mary sauce (like the drink) was a little spicy and went well with shrimps. liked this innovation.

Sushi: Had assorted sushi with was fresh and nice. The different colors didn’t have any difference in the taste. All were the same.

Coriander Fish: Didn’t like it too much as I found it a little bland


California shrimps & Goan Chorizo bites: Butter garlic prawns that were well cooked.


Bacon wrapped Steak Bites: Tenderloin wrapped in bacon but the tenderloin wasn’t well cooked! didn’t like it.


Sambal chicken Skewers: Fried chicken Skewers with sambal sauce (which is a spicy sauce) tasted very good. chicken was well cooked and had a little inherent spice in the marination.


Grandma’s spell: Tiramisu in a jar with berry sauce and balsamic glaze. This tasted very good! the sweetness was well balanced. Balsamic acted good to cut the sweetness and monotony in between


Lurch’s Lullaby: A different dessert but didn’t work too well with me. New York cheese cake with beetroot shavings on top and Semolina halwa in the bottom. I found this very low on sugar and the cheesecake lacked cheese. it tasted more like whipped cream.



Addams House is a great place for drinks and food! Will be back soon to try their brewery but for now, the cocktails/mocktails are unique and refreshing. The overall concept of the place needs to be tried out atleast once 🙂

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