Asia Central-Pan Asian Home Delivery

Amazingly good chinese!
Lucky to have got this so close to my house. I recently ordered from this place and thought the food’s quality and taste was on par with that of any good dine-in restaurant! We polished off the food in no time and


The food was packed very nicely in printed carton boxes and well sealed. The chopsticks had some nice quotes on it showing that a lot if care had gone into every small detail.



Chicken crystal dumplings: Stuffed lavishly with minced chicken and the taste of coriander was strong. Liked that. Even the crystal covering was thin and delicate.



Chicken with peanuts: This was my favourite thing on the table. The curry was full of sweet and tangy flavours and the peanuts added a great crunch.



Chicken with cashew nuts:  This was in a light coloured curry and tasted great! The dish was low on spices and tanginess making it different from the rest.


Steamed fish in black bean sauce:  Was yum. Soft fish and the black bean sauce was good. Just feel the black beans could be reduced a wee bit.


Chilli garlic chicken noodles: Noodles were good as chilli was in control and there wasn’t any colouring (have seen some restaurant using colour to make it red. Hate that). The noodles were thin and were loaded with chicken chunks, egg and a lot of veggies.


Overall, I simply loved the food and would definitely order from here. 🙂

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