The Project at HKV

Go to this place for the outdoor ambiance! It is a bliss to have a warm winter morning and that’s the time you want to head out for some sun bathing! I think most of you will agree with me. It was one of those days when I went to The Project at HKV (Hauz khas village in South Delhi).

HKV is the hub for youngsters with so many cafes, lounges and pubs. Choc-o-block even during weekdays. Restaurants have mushroomed even in the tiniest buildings of this market. On one such warm winter day I went to The Project at HKV because the banner and concept attracted me.

The Project is situated inside Deer Park at the entrance of the market. Being right at the entrance and inside Deep Park, The Project is cut off from the madness of the HKV market. It is quiet and peaceful and a place to relax and sip a wine.  I found the outdoor seating very pretty with white and blue cane upholstery. Deer spotting near the restaurant is a thing you just can’t miss!! C’mon, which restaurant gives you that now?20151227_17283520151227_17355920151227_17282420151227_173045

The outdoor seat is very large and sprawling. It looks better during the day though as there are dim lights in the night that hide the actual beauty.

The Covered area has two sections: one is the bar area with formal seating while the other area has a rustic feel to it with wooden chairs and tables. It has a total ‘deer park’ look and feel to it.


Mozzarella Balls were deep fried balls filled with yummy Mozzarella cheese. though a little heavy due to being deep fried, I found these yum as a few extra calories are o.k.  :p The cheese melted in the mouth!


Paneer tikka was mildly spiced and very soft. People can’t go wrong with paneer tikka.


Fried Fish tikka was above average (not too good) as the fish wasn’t too soft but overall, I liked this starter as the taste was good.

Soya tikka was well cooked and soft!




Veg Pizza was only topped with very basic chopped bell peppers. Nothing more to it. The crust was thin and crisp even after the good amount of cheese on top.
Non veg pizza had chicken chunks, sun dries tomatoes and bell peppers on top. The crust of this was good and crisp as well


Pink Burger was stuffed with minced chicken and lettuce. the filling was decent and the bun was soft but somehow coloured burgers don’t appeal to me and I left it after a bite.
Black burger was horrible. The bun had a very bad taste. Same filling as the pink burger.


Veg and non veg Biryanis were just average. Won’t recommend. They looked like mexican rice but the taste was indian. A confused dish and not authentic.

Overall, I will recommend this place for the outdoor seating and starters and not for the main course. Can be visited for a warm , peaceful and relaxed meal. 🙂

Let me know how you found it by emailing or commenting below.

Be Foodie, Be Happy 🙂

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