Cafe Public Connection – C.P.,Delhi

Yet another new and HUGE lounge in the heart of the capital. CP has seen a lot of new bars, lounges and cafes in the recent past and most of them have been good.Cafe public connection is no exception 🙂


As you enter, you see a large bar on your left and seating on your right. Keep moving forward and you’ll be amazed by the size of the place!! The largest that I have seen in a while! A nice DJ console and dance floor is right at the center of the restaurant. At the far end of the restaurant you will see some doors leading to rooms. Each room behind the various doors has a different theme, for example, the first room has a Hollywood theme. More themes are Sports, Retro, Submarine etc. Every room has one table and some sofas that can accommodate around 10 people. Very unique concept and and great for small and private gathering. For normal outings, there are a lot of other tables on the floor as well.

Red thai curry was absolutely yumm! Perfect balance of flavours and the texture was very smooth. It was thicker than usual thai curries though…maybe to suit the Indian palate.Butter chicken was creamy and mildly spiced. The chicken was well marinated.
Kadai Paneer was quite tasty with neat masala. Soft paneer.
Penne arabiatta was nice and well cooked. The tomatoes were well cooked. The tomato could be a little more though as it was a bit dry.

Chicken seekh was good.
Soya seekh was a little dry but had a lot of taste.
Raita was thick and refreshing
Brownie sundae ( with vanilla ice cream) was great as desserts can seldom be bad.


Best Actor was the best cocktail out of the ones that I had.
Best actress was close to best best actor and nice.
Charlie Chaplin had mango juice in it and nice for people who like sweet cocktails

Overall, extra points for the decor of the place and the concept. Loved it! The food is nice as well. This place a worth a visit with family or friends 🙂 Do visit this place and let me know how you found it by emailing or commenting below.

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