Kebab Gali – Malviya Nagar,Delhi

Oh.. what kebabs!

In India, kebabs are a delicacy and have a very special place in every Indian’s heart. They are eaten almost everywhere in some form or the other. According to what I have heard, Kebabs from the city of nawabs, Lucknow, are considered the best. I am yet to experience those but for now, whatever I have had in my home town, Delhi, have been amazing and I am a fan of kebabs! My experience at Kebab Gali just strengthened my love for them!

A restaurant called Kebab Gali opened up in Malviya Nagar, in the southern part of Delhi, about 2 months back and created a buzz as soon as it opened up. After hearing a lot about the lovely food from various sources and friends, I decided to pay a visit and try out on my own.


A very small cute joint with seating for about 25 people. The chairs and tables are very simple. Some mirrors here and there and some old style fancy lampposts inside the restaurant add a little glamour to the place.

Located very near the main market of Malviya Nagar, it is well connected by road as well as by metro. Just about 10 min  walking and 5 min by car from the Hauz khas metro station.

Kebab Gali mainly serves Kebabs, Dum Biryani and Rolls and we tried some dishes from every category.


Our first order was a plate of Galouti Kebab and that turned out to be best Galouti that I had ever had. This dish made it clear that we were in for a treat that evening. It was minced red meat in the form of a kebab and served with warqi parantha (sweet parantha). Galouti was mildly spiced and so soft that it melted in the mouth! I could finish the whole plate on my own. Highly recommend this dish to you all.

Garlicy Chicken tikka was nice. I found garlic a nice twist to the basic chicken tikka. The amount of garlic was perfect,neither too pungent nor too mild. Just feel the chicken was a bit chewy and could be improved a bit.


Dahi ke kebabs were again one of the best that I have ever had. At most places, the dahi ke kebab aren’t as soft as they are supposed to be but the chef at this place nailed it! It was super soft and delicately made. I simply loved it. Again, mildly spiced.


Chicken Shwarma, served with mayonnaise, was super juicy. Minced chicken inside the roll with some finely chopped onions. The outer covering of the shwarma was thin and that let us taste more of the chicken and less of the covering…loved that.

to use1

Dum Mutton Biryani was served in a ‘mitti’ or clay utensil in which it was cooked with the ‘dum’ intact. The safron colored rice grains were well separated and were lovely to taste. The mutton pieces were well cooked and flavoury.

Ghost Nihari (Mutton Nihari) was in a dark brown curry and very well cooked. The flavours were mingled well with the meat and I quite liked this dish.


Murg Korma (Chicken Korma) was an orangish curry (though I expected korma curry it to be white). None the less, it had a good flavour and was somewhat like butter chicken curry in taste and look but not as creamy in texture.

to use 5

Egg parantha was huge in size and very soft. We had that and some assorted paranthas with our curries.

Gulab jamun was amazing. Gulab Jamun is one of my favourite desserts and I have had it at a gazillion places and can easily say that the one I had at Kebab Gali was pretty good! Extremely soft and not over sweet making it light on the stomach.


Overall, I would love to take my family to this place for dinner/lunch or just order at home as I loved the Indian food! A very cosy and warm place and I found the food delectable. Lovely Kebabs! Do try it out and share your experience with me by emailing or commenting below.

Be Happy, Be Foodie 🙂

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