Qubitos – Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Winter is the time when everyone wants to step out of the house during the afternoon and enjoy the warmth of the sun and I am no different. I like winters for its afternoons and not for the chilly nights. On a winter night all I love to do it sit at home in my comfortable clothes and have some coffee/soup. Stepping out of the house at night is a task for me. Courtesy this habit of mine, as soon as October commences, I start hunting for places with a good terrace for lunch with my friends or family because staying indoors on a sunny winter afternoon is a big no-no.


Recently, I was invited to a place called Qubitos, in the western part of Delhi, by some like minded food loving friends. I didn’t know what I was in for as this part of Delhi is less frequented by me. Upon reaching the ground floor of the building which has this café on its third floor, I found the lift lobby and stairs very well kept. As soon as I reached the landing of the third floor, I heard very loud music coming from inside the restaurant which made me think it was a pub or disco kind of a place. All confusions were over the moment I entered. Qubitos was more like a café with dim lights and a bar. A very sprawling space with a DJ console at one end (the source of the loud music) and a big Bar counter at other end. All the tables had high seating.

After a while I noticed that this portion had a connecting door to an open place outside. I decided to go there and I was mesmerized by what I saw. Qubitos has a very sprawling and well done up terrace in pink and green hues. The view from the place was great as you could see the top of large  green trees and a the swanky Delhi metro passing by. That moment I knew I had found a perfect place for a warm winter lunch !! Kudos to the management for a perfect terrace!



Coming to the food, we were served an array of mocktails, starters, mains and desserts. Mocktails were all good. Some like the Green apple and Mojito were great and refreshing!

Strawberry punch was extremely flavoury . Neither too sweet nor bland. Lemongrass margarita wasn’t nice and you can skip this as the flavor of lemongrass was over powering.

Smoked chicken and corn Chowder was one of the best soups that I have had since it was thick and creamy. The smoked chicken flavor and chunks added a great taste to it. Loved it! It was served with some garlic read.

Green thai curry (veg) and Red thai curry (non veg), both served with steamed rice, were yummy! The amount of coconut was apt. I don’t like pungent thai curries and found this nearly perfect. Veggies were added lavishly.

Mushroom ra-ra pizza and Meatball pizza were average as the crust was soggy and they were topped sparingly. They need to improve on the pizzas.

Chicken fresco in BBQ Sauce was more like Peri Peri chicken (though a less spicy version) and it was good . Chicken was served on a bed of mashed potatoes and with some veggies (bell peppers, baby corn and zucchini) on the side. Very attractive colors on a wooden tray. Chicken was definitely soft and well cooked. It wasn’t very spicy and that’s how I like it.


Butter chicken springrolls : Butter chicken curry was a great twist to the usual spring rolls. The rolls were filled with mildly spiced minced chicken and served dipped in a glass with butter chicken curry in the bottom. I loved this unique dish and would love to have it again.

Chinese button mushrooms, though cooked in a Chinese style, were very soft and tasty. It wasn’t over spicy and that’s how I like it.


Vegetable Lasagne wasn’t upto the mark as I found the cheese a little less. Can be improved upon for sure. Mushroom Rissotto was bland and I could hardly taste any cheese and salt. Would be perfect if they work upon these two dishes.

Vegetable Tilla Kebab was more like a Hara bhara kebab. It was the star dish of the day!! Extremely soft kebab which melted in the mouth. Different from the usual look of a kebab, this was wrapped around wooden sticks and looked like a candy.


Chicken shish tawook was more like chicken tikkas on skewers with some bell peppers. You will like it if you like mild spices in your tikkas. I think they could easily add some more spices to it to make it even better.



We had a Brownie sundae (with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream) and a Blueberry cheesecake. The brownie in the sundae was gooey and full of nuts. I loved it. The cheesecake was soft and presented very well with some cut oranges and lemons. Though I have had better cheesecakes, this was good too and I can repeat it when I am there.

Overall, my experience was memorable with lovely food, mesmerizing view and entertaining company. We were spoilt silly and I would definitely visit this place again 😀 I suggest you all to try this to and share your experiences with me by emailing or leaving a comment below.

Be Foodie , Be Happy 😀

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