Big Yellow Door – Satyaniketan,Delhi

The ‘Big Yellow door’ literally has an abstract yellow colored door leading to this restaurant. Big yellow door or BYD is a gem in the capital city of India. I was introduced to this place about a year ago and have been to BYD about 7 times since then. Never has it burnt a hole in my pocket. Even with 6-7 people eating to their hearts delight, the bill has never crossed Rs. 1200/-


As you enter, you’ll notice a very small place with just about 7-8 small tables placed really close to each other. But well, when the food is good that’s not what you care about. You just concentrate on eating. Very cute and warm lights on the ceiling, nice hangings here and there,some abstract books installations and well yes, colorful stickies all over the restaurant with comments from people (mostly praises). Some low seating tables right at the entrance are a great place to sit when with friends and you just want to take off your shoes and relax. Rest of the tables are normal.

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The food is great and extremely value for money! You will find a lot of options for pasta, burgers, pizzas , shakes and other things. Hence, even if you visit multiple times, you’ll have a lot of things to try every time. Things I have tried:

BYD Bomb burger , Cheesy nachos (baked) , Smoked chicken sandwich , Creamy white sauce pasta , Butter chicken pizza , Rocky road shake , Chocolate brownie shake

Best thing here is the BYD bomb burger! This is a constant on the table every time I am there. Available is vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions, this is a delight to the stomach. It is a double patty burger served in a compact basket with some potato chips and dips (Thousand Island and ketchup).

BYD Bomb Burger (Non-veg)

They serve two versions of nachos with cheese, one is baked and one isn’t.I only like the one that is baked as it is loaded with cheese, tomatoes and olives. Pretty huge quantity.  Smoked Chicken sandwich was filled lavishly with chicken and cheese and grilled. Four halves in a basket makes it a value for money option.  Butter chicken pizza was a nice thin crust option. Though not the best crust or wood fired, the topping was done well and the taste of butter chicken was distinct. Nice variation from the usual toppings at other cafes.

The shakes at this place are to die for. Out of all that I have tried, Rocky road and Chocolate brownie shakes have turned out the best. Blended with ice cream, they are thick and sumptious. Cream White sauce pasta isn’t the best you would have had but still pretty nice. Thick and creamy.


The service is fast and warm despite the packed house. Kindly note that like most of the other cafes in this area, BYD doesn’t accept card payments hence, be prepared with cash.



Courtesy the good food and cute small joint, BYD has a drawback attached to it. This place always has a long queue for a table and they don’t entertain bookings over the phone so be prepared to wait. Hope they open up other branches soon. Eagerly waiting for that to happen. Do try for some pocket friendly and Yummy food.

Happy Eating 🙂

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Big Yellow Door Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Big Yellow Door Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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