Zaza Box – Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Zaza box has proved that healthy and gluten free food doesn’t mean it has to be boring and not tasty!

These days every person, irrespective of the profession or background, is turning into a health freak. Better late than never though cause the lifestyles disorders are increasing exponentially. With long working hours, tension, stress and a skewed work-life balance, health has taken a backseat for most. In a time like this, a place that delivers healthy, gluten free and organic food is all you need. Yes, you read this right! I found one such place right near my office and was impressed to say the least.



Meaty veggie sausage, Organic baked samosa, Vietnamese fruity rice and paper rolls, tandoori tofu skewers and Glass noodle asian salad

Zaza Box, a delivery service in Gurgaon, specializes in organic and gluten free food. Contrary to the general perception of healthy and gluten free food, the taste of almost everything I ate was great!


I ate the following :

Meaty veggie sausage , glass noodle asian salad , organic samosa , Tandoori tofu skewers , Vietnamese fruity rice paper rolls , malai kofta , dal makhani , spinach roti , corn rice , beetroot slider (burger) , mushroom and spinach pot pie (quiche) , mango cheese cake , fruit and nut parfait , shikanji , beetroot and pomegranate juice.


Have you ever imagined a cheese cake without cheese could taste yummy? Then you got to try their mango cheese cake.It melted in the mouth and I finished an entire slice without feeling an iota of guilt. This was my first parfait ever and I liked what I had. Very refreshing combination of nuts, mangoes and pomegranate. Liked the shikanji but not the beetroot and pomegranate juice.

Mango cheese cake

Meaty veggie sausage tasted almost like the non vegetarian counter part, glass noodle asian salad was crunchy with all the nuts.Vietnamese paper roll was delicately made. A burst of flavours with every bite. Tandoori tofu and was soft and spiced just like a paneer skewer. Organic Samosa was absolute guilt free indulgence. Tasted just like any other samosa (though less oily of course) and baked. The stuffing was nice and mildly spiced.

Beetroot Slider and Spinach mushroom pot pie

Malai kofta and Dal makhani were delicious. I got to know post polishing them that both were without the cream that people normally serve these dishes with. No cream made it light on the stomach.Corn rice and spinach roti are a must try. Beetroot slider, basically a beetroot burger, was something unheard of but taste was nothing to rave about. Spinach pot pie turned out great and one of the best things on the table. It was well filled and tasted perfect.

Zaza claims to be using all organic and freshest of the fresh ingredients and I could make that out from the food. All health freaks should definitely try Zaza Box.

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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